June 10, 2020

DEUTSCHLAND IM HERBST | Lyrik der afrodeutschen Dichterin May Ayim | 10 Juni 2020

Dieses Gedicht aus dem Jahr 1992 stammt von der afrodeutschen Dichterin, Poetin, Denkerin und Philosophin May Ayim (1960-1996), die sich Zeit ihres Lebens gegen jegliche Form des Rassismus eingesetzt hat. Die englische Übersetzung der Lesung aus dem Deutschen folgt hier:


Germany in Autumn

it is not true
that it is not true
so it was
first at first and then again

so it is


In November 1938
first splintered window glass
again and again
human bones
of Jews and Blacks and
the Sick and the Weak and
Sinti and Roma and
Poles and Lesbians and
Gays of and of
and of and of
and and

first a few then many

more and more:
raised the hand and taking part
cheered and applauded
or gawked in secret
how she
and she
and he and he
and he and she
first now and then
then again and again

yet again?

one single case:
in November 1990
Antonio Amadeo from Angola
in Eberswalde
was beat to death
by Neo-Nazis
his child born soon after
by a white German woman
their house soon after


oh, well

and the police
arrived so late
that it was too late
and the newspapers’ words
were so clipped
that it was like silence
and no image on TV
about the murder case

no commentary on the incident

in newly unified Germany
which likes to call itself
much too eager reunited
in this town and that
first houses
then people


first East then West
then all across the country

first at first then again

it is not true
that it is not true
so it was

so it is:
Germany in autumn
I shudder to think of winter.


Transl. Nick Ostrau


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